Deposit Bonus

OD Markets 20% Deposit Bonus (Up to 5000USD)

1) Register a trading account.
2) Submit document for account verification.
3) Deposit minimum 100USD.
4) Once deposit is confirmed, OD Markets will credit 20% deposit bonus.

Example: Customer deposit 1000USD and get 200USD deposit bonus.
Total will be 1200USD.

Terms & Conditions

1) Trading account leverage is strictly 1:500. Request to increase leverage will be ignored.
2) Maximum deposit bonus is 5000USD.
3) Deposit bonus is applicable for first time deposit only. Additional or subsequent deposit are not entitled.
4) When customer request to withdrawal deposit, bonus will be removed as well.
5) Bonus Withdrawal condition

Bonus can be withdrawal when customer trade and meet the following trading volume

100 lot - 1000USD bonus
200 lot - 2000USD bonus
300 lot - 3000USD bonus
400 lot - 4000USD bonus
500 lot - 5000USD bonus

Limited time OFFER - OD Markets reserved the right to amend, cancel, remove deposit bonus promotion anytime at OD Market's management discretion.